Model courseS-3Kawazu Nanadaru, Seven Waterfalls Tour

South Izu Area - Kawazu town
Geological age
A valley made by a lava flow from Noboriominami Volcano of a monogenetic volcano belonging to the Izu Tobu volcanic group which erupted approximately 25,000 years ago.
Start: Nanadaru Visitor CenterMizu-daru Bus stopTour of Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls(Kama-daru, Ebi-daru, Hebi-daru, Shokei-daru, Kani-daru, Deai-daru, O-daru)Nanadaru Visitor Center:goal
Walk about 1.5km (cumulative altitude 160m)
Time required
About 2 hours 30 minutes
Meeting place
Nanadaru Visitor Center
Dismissing:Nanadaru Visitor Center


Seven waterfalls made of lava flow. You will enjoy spectacular views of the different shapes of pillar-like rocks called "columnar joints". After walking along the trail with clear streams and beautiful varied landscapes, you will surely feel refreshed both in body and mind.

  • Start: Nanadaru Visitor Center

    "Kawazu Nanadaru Visitor Center" is located in Kawazu Nanadaru Tourist Center.

  • Kama-daru Falls

    It is a powerful waterfall where the lava flowed from Noboriominami Volcano created. Rocks shaped like pillars can be seen in the lava. This is called "columnar joint" which became a columnar shape due to cold contraction of lava.

  • Ebi-daru Falls

    It is named after the shape of the waterfalls flow that resembles the shrimp's tail. Unlike the other 6 waterfalls, which were from a lava flow from Noboriominami Volcano, Ebi-daru Falls were created from the strata of ancient submarine volcanoes. Therefore it is the only waterfalls where you can not see columnar joints.

  • Hebi-daru Falls

    From the fact that the pattern of the neighboring rocks look like a snake scales, it was named Hebi-daru (Snake waterfalls).

  • Shokei-daru Falls

    With a height of about 10 meters and a width of about 7 meters, the white flow of the waterfalls and the bronze statue of "Izu dancer and I" harmonize well in nature.

  • Kani-daru Falls

    A small waterfall that flows quietly in a beautiful mountain stream. It is said that it was named "crab waterfalls" because the swelling of columnar joints cut by the water current beside the waterfalls looks like a crab's shell.

  • Deai-daru Falls

    The two streams join each other here and formed into a flow of a waterfall. You will be impressed with the crystal clear water of the stream. The lava flow of Noboriominami Volcano created beautiful columnar joints on both sides of the waterfalls.

  • O-daru Falls

    O-daru Falls, the largest waterfalls in the downstream part of the Nanadaru Waterfalls, is 30 meters in height, 7 meters in width. You can see beautiful columnar joints on the cliffs. A hot spring springs out at the side of the waterfalls and is used as an open-air bath.

Entry fee
Adult: 1,500yen Elementary and middle school student: 750 yen
A separate bus fee will be required.
Number of participants
2 to 10 people
Please reserve one week in advance.
What to wear and bring
Walking clothes, footwear, hat, rain gear, drinks, etc.
Canceled in case of heavy rain or storm
Please confirm about "Cancellation Policy".
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